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Hi, I'm Violet! a 15 year old web and game developer. I make dynamic websites with server-side rendering, so no Javascript needed! I'm currently making games in the Godot Engine, and my dynamic sites in NodeJS.

I keep forgetting I have a Matrix

What I'm up to:

Calamity Mod
HP: 600 MP: 300 DEF: 86
In Space (Day)

A statement about the 1+ hour outage last night

uh teehee oopsie poopsie!! :P my baddd
I was actually aware of the outage and actively trying to fix it the entire time so lesson learnt security vulnerabilities aren't really THAT bad if you think about it you can keep your FreeBSD server a few versions out of date right? /j


List of services for public use hosted on Violet's Purgatory.

SearXNG: sxng.violets-purgatory.devMatrix: matrix.violets-purgatory.devElement: element.violets-purgatory.devForgejo: git.violets-purgatory.dev (contact me for an account)Thumbor: thumbor.violets-purgatory.dev


Here's most of the sites you can find me on-
if you needed that for some reason?


See the full FAQ here!

Why are so many words colored?

I like the way it looks to have certain words be highlighted, makes it look fancier and easier to read (imo). So, when I remade this site, I went ahead and added an Automatic Word Highlighting System! This allows me have words automatically highlighted, on the server side, without having to do it in the code manually. Here's the current list of highlighted words:

birds, Pissing, Starwalker, word highlighting, highlight, Highlight, Javascript, JSON, JQuery, .js, enby, Slay the Spire, Liberapay, Golden Wind, brain, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Jojo, Teto Tuesday, Teto Territory, Teto, Kasane, Raspberry Pi, raspberry, YouTube, ULTRAKILL, Lethal Company, Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, Forgejo, HTML, .html, Shortcat, Valve, Spooky, The Ironclad, NodeJS, Spoti, Wambu, Matrix, The Silent, Godot Engine, Violet, Purgatory, Limbo, The Watcher, bisexual, Fedi, Element, Codeberg, TrueNAS, Code, Codium, .md, Markdown, markdown, Docker, Github, Steam, Univerter, Ko-fi, Revolt, Discord, SearXNG, CSS, Neow, The Defect, Thumbor, Risk of Rain 2, Roblox, Ryouiki Tenkai, Pokerogue, page embed, YIP

As time continues, more words are added to the highlighting list, and I'm slowly adding more features, like disabling case sensitivity, boldness, italics, outlines, and more.

You may notice some highlighted words are "missing" on this list. This is because characters adjacent to the highlighted word are highlighted, too! What that means is, I can type ILoveTetoTuesday! and it'll all be highlighted!

P.S. If you're wondering what YIP is for, its for YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

I thought the site doesn't use Javascript? So why is it there?

Originally, all my sites were completely Javascript free. As of late, though, I decided to add Javascript to this one. Javascript will NEVER be a requirement on this site. Javascript will ONLY be used where necessary, and I will do everything possible to make the experience indistinguishable.

Random video!

I would call it random daily video but its not at all daily...