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Hi! I'm Violet, a 15 year old web and game developer.
I aspire to make fast and Javascript free websites! I'm currently learning the Godot Engine, but most of my time recently has been spent learning NodeJS.

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What I'm up to:

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Song: Welcome to Tally Hall
Album: Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum
Artist: Tally Hall

Playing Calamity Mod
HP: 100 MP: 40 DEF: 3
In Forest (Day)
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Minor announcement!

Violet's Purgatory v5.0 is releasing soon! This update will contain about 72 commits, adding Javascript...
To some of you, that may be a worry! Don't fret! Javascript is still perfectly optional, and I will do my best to keep features atleast semi-functional for people without Javascript!
Outside of the Javascript, general improvements to formatting, optimizations, new pages, stats, easter eggs, and more will be included!
Also I finally fixed lists so thats always good...
Thank you for helping me get this far, and although you may be looking at commit 427, I can't wait to see you at 500!


List of services for public use hosted on Violet's Purgatory.

SearXNG: sxng.violets-purgatory.dev

Matrix: matrix.violets-purgatory.dev

Element: element.violets-purgatory.dev


Here's most of the sites you can find me on-
if you needed that for some reason?

Please note I am extremely unhinged and gay on Fedi, I don't use Github, and I barely understand Docker.